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Who Are you?

I am Alex Xandra Albert Sim. I live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. As for now I’m studying Software Engineering in Bandung Institute of Technology, trying to become a better software engineer everyday. My first encounter with computer was in 1997, during my 3rd year in Primary School. It was a MS-DOS Machine (I know, I know it’s old – even for that time – but it’s the only thing my family can afford that time). That time, it was pure for gaming and learning how to use computer.

In my Undergrad days, I learned a lot of web development. But the most interesting topic to me is software development, not just programming. Software development as in code + people behind the code. I write this blog precisely for that: to talk about software development, to document my thoughts, project(s) and research(es) on software development. I sincerely hope this blog will help people. I will also write in Indonesia when I got the time. I’m an Indonesian after all šŸ™‚

Please leave your comment or just email me so we can discuss about software development (and programming :D)!

How can I contact you?

Just sent me email on bertzzie [at] gmail [d-o-t] com


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